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Book Review: A Tree in the House – Annabelle Hickson’s ode to flowers

My first introduction to Annabelle Hickson was via her monthly contribution to Country Style magazine.

After reading her column for the first time, I was immediately captured by her down-to-earth content and authentic voice. Having followed her beautiful Instagram feed for some time, I was excited to see that she was working on a book.

Annabelle is a writer, photographer and self-taught florist. She lives on a pecan farm in north-west NSW with her husband and three children. Originally a city-dwelling journalist, Annabelle often writes about her new life in the country and the new opportunities (and challenges) that have presented themselves since making the move – first to a big home in a rural town and then to a ‘simple cottage on the hill’.

Her book, A Tree in the House is rich with beautiful imagery, reflective of the sense of joy that Annabelle’s shift to a simpler lifestyle has created. In her introduction, she reflects on how her new surroundings prompted her to start ‘looking outwards’ and noticing the beauty around her every day. This beauty is infused throughout the pages of the book.

As Annabelle says, “Anything that helps you focus on what is beautiful and interesting in your daily life when so much can feel repetitive and mundane and ordinary, is worthy of celebration.”

Overflowing with stunning photography and practical advice about sourcing and arranging flowers, A Tree in the House is an inspirational guide for anyone who loves flowers or simply appreciates beauty.

As Annabelle comments, in an Instagram post in which she introduces the book, “Flowers, and the simple joy that accompanies them, can be for everyone.” I couldn’t love this sentiment more.

Book Review: A Tree in the House, Annabelle Hickson
Book Review: A Tree in the House, Annabelle Hickson
Tracie Hartley

Books, interiors and photography are like oxygen to Tracie Hartley. As a creative, she has curated an aesthetic entirely her own (follow her @traceharts). Obsessed with all things ‘slowing down’ and ‘simplifying’, we're grateful to have Tracie on our team. Tracie lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW with her husband, two young kids and border collie.

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