Our Why

Because when you slow things down, you notice magic that wasn’t there before.

Life Unhurried Team

Busy has become our currency…

More things to do,
More responsibility,
More connectivity…
Yet, we’re feeling more disconnected than ever before.

We’re overwhelmed by choice, daunted by all the places we’re expected to show up in the world, and unsure of how we’re ever going to find the time for the important stuff (like planning that long-overdue holiday).

There is more to life than constantly increasing its speed. We want to help people reconnect with the quiet spaces in their minds and the loves in their lives.

This is Life Unhurried. Your life, unhurried.

A place to slow down and appreciate the little things – whether you’re on the road or just wanting to enjoy your own backyard more.

The space in which ideas and experiences are shared, but also useful, practical tools for living a Life Unhurried.

A conscious way of travelling… and living, wherever you are in the world.

Life Unhurried is not just another travel blog.

It’s a multifaceted lifestyle brand, delivering inspiring stories you want to read – the type that cut through the hammering noise of the web – and helping you to plan nourishing getaways. Through our online hub, LU TV, social media, travel guides (coming soon!), books (coming soon!), carefully crafted products (coming soon!) and journeys (coming soon!) we’re here to help you simplify, not clutter. Think of us as the Kon Marie of travel research.

Who are we?

Celeste Mitchell

Celeste Mitchell

As a professional travel journalist, Celeste’s words have been published in the likes of Qantas, Escape, AFAR, Australian Traveller, and Tourism and Events Queensland’s travel blog, of which she has been editor since 2013. Her consultancy, The Devil Wears Flip Flops, pairs talented writers, photographers and videographers with travel companies to produce custom publications, videos and blog posts.

For me, Life Unhurried means…
Immersing myself in life rather than feeling like a bystander, watching the action play on fast-forward, never quite catching my breath.

Krista Eppelstun

Krista Eppelstun

A self-taught ninja with a Canon 1DX and stylus, Krista has kicked more butt in digital art and design than many do in a lifetime. From founding Australia’s first online surf stores, to heading up digital marketing teams, Krista throws her love of everything visual into the Thermomix to create magic for brands like Tourism Australia, Tourism and Events Queensland and Brisbane Marketing.

For me, Life Unhurried means…
To be 100% present and immersed in the moment, whether I’m travelling, creating, or spending time with friends and family.

Katie Gannon

Katie Gannon

Triple threat Katie has leapfrogged from running her own eco-conscious fashion label to writing and now managing graphic design projects across a gamut of industries from her back porch in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, from branding and logos through to websites, ebooks a magazines, right up to poster and billboard concepts.

For me, Life Unhurried means…
Remembering to step away from the things I ‘have’ to do and make time for those things I ‘want’ to do. Recognising the times that make my spirit sing and committing to do more of that.