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Our Why

Because when you slow things down, you notice magic that wasn’t there before.

Life Unhurried Team

Busy has become our currency…

More things to do,
More responsibility,
More connectivity…
Yet, we’re feeling more disconnected than ever before.

We’re overwhelmed by choice, daunted by all the places we’re expected to show up in the world, and unsure of how we’re ever going to find the time for the important stuff (like planning that long-overdue holiday).

There is more to life than constantly increasing its speed. We want to help people reconnect with the quiet spaces in their minds and the loves in their lives.

This is Life Unhurried. Your life, unhurried.

Life Unhurried is not just another travel blog.

It’s an all-encompassing online platform filled with inspiring stories, tips, and conversations about slow and sustainable travel and living. As the home of Slow Stays, it’s become the go-to for authentic accommodation across Australia, sharing the story behind each property and encouraging you to book direct (where possible) ensuring money stays in the pockets of small business owners.

Through our online hub, LU TV, social media, books, and travel guides (coming soon!), we’re here to help you simplify, not clutter.

Because we believe time is the ultimate luxury.

Who are we?

Celeste Mitchell

Celeste Mitchell

Travel journalist Celeste Mitchell has managed to fuse her love of travel and writing for 20 years, and is regularly published in Escape, Australian Traveller and Qantas magazine, among others. While once she would have flitted across the globe several times in a month, these days she favours a much slower pace of exploration (having two kids under three will do that to you, too).

For me, Life Unhurried means…
Immersing myself in life rather than feeling like a bystander, watching the action play on fast-forward, never quite catching my breath.

Krista Eppelstun

Krista Eppelstun

Krista Eppelstun is an in-demand travel photographer and videographer, usually on the road creating content for the likes of Tourism Australia, Tourism and Events Queensland, and Brisbane Airport. When she doesn’t have a camera in hand, she’ll likely be with her husband, dreaming up the next adventure in their vintage caravan.

For me, Life Unhurried means…
To be 100% present and immersed in the moment, whether I’m travelling, creating, or spending time with friends and family.

Katie Gannon

Katie Gannon

Katie Gannon started out as an eco indie fashion designer before making the leap to web and graphic design. As well as assisting tourism companies and NGOs with their design needs she owns and operates her own Slow Stay and understands intimately how important sustainability in travel really is.

For me, Life Unhurried means…
Remembering to step away from the things I ‘have’ to do and make time for those things I ‘want’ to do. Recognising the times that make my spirit sing and committing to do more of that.

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