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Slip Into 16 Of The Best Outdoor Baths In Australia

Imagine submerging yourself in the soothing embrace of warm waters, under a canopy of stars, nestled in nature’s lap—this is the allure of Australia’s finest outdoor baths. As you unwind with a glass of exquisite local wine, lose yourself in a captivating book, or simply relish the tranquil scenery, these alfresco soaking spots promise a deceleration of life’s pace. If the idyllic thought of ‘bathing in nature’ is what your heart seeks for your next escape, prepare to be enchanted by our handpicked selection of the 16 best outdoor baths across Australia. But a gentle warning: these immersive nature experiences might just redefine your standards for relaxation at home.

Wander on Kangaroo Island

Middle River, SA

Wander on Kangaroo Island | Slow Stays by Life Unhurried

An outdoor bath with views of the ocean holds a special place in the Life Unhurried pantheon of bath gods. And while Wander on Kangaroo Island is so stunning you’d probably be happy with a large bucket filled with warm water, here you’ll find the soak spots of bathers’ dreams. Each pod is home to a show stopping stone bath to marvel at – and sit in, of course. Work up a bit of muscle soreness (any excuse for a soak, right?) with the odd nature walk through Wander’s conservation lands before sinking into the steamy depths.

Find out more about Wander On Kangaroo Island here

Mayan Farm

Kin Kin, QLD

Looking over a lush 100 acres of private, rolling farmland, a soak at Mayan Farm is a must when working your way through the best outdoor baths in Australia. A short drive from Noosa, this Kin Kin property showcases sustainable luxury at its finest and a dip in the freestanding bathtub, cocooned by recycled timber walls, is the ultimate way to wake up in the morning. Slide in with a hot cup of coffee and keep warm while the mist slowly lifts from the valley below – magic, doesn’t even begin to describe this experience.

Find out more about Mayan Luxe Villas here

Kestrel Nest EcoHut

Mount Adrah, NSW

Kestrel Nest EcoHut outdoor bath

The Australian bush stay just got a little bit fancy, thanks to Kestrel Nest EcoHut and its stunning outdoor bath. Sitting atop a deck that overlooks a rocky mountain stream, this is a remote bathing experience, so strip down to your birthday suit and hop straight in. By day, this is the perfect perch to spot endangered birds flying by and at night, keep your eyes peeled for the local wombat strolling up for a visit.

Find out more about Kestrel Nest Ecohut here

Rosalita’s Rest

Billinudgel, NSW

Rosalitas Rest Wildheart Dreamer
Rosalitas Rest Wildheart Dreamer

Bathe under a smattering of stars and fairy lights at this romantic Slow Stay, just outside Brunswick Heads. A magic hideaway for two, the Wildheart Dreamer cabin at Rosalita’s Rest was made for unwinding and reconnecting – with yourself, your partner and nature. Set on a permaculture property, the clawfoot outdoor bath is perfect for soaking your green thumbs after time spend planting a tree with the owners or harvesting the organic produce growing for your own farm-to-plate experience.

Find out more about Rosalitas Rest here

Petit Eco Cabin

Yallingup, WA

Petit Eco Cabin Slow Stays Life Unhurried

If pairing wine with one of the most beautiful outdoor baths in Australia is your idea of heaven, then a stay at the handcrafted Petit Eco Cabin is one to add to the bucket list. This sustainably-built timber pavilion is tucked away on Windows Estate, a certified organic winery in the Margaret River region, so a short stroll to the cellar door is essential to embrace the purest of paddock-to-pour experiences. After you’ve found your favourite drop, grab a bottle and make a beeline straight to the outdoor 1940s vintage bathtub. Sitting on a timber platform underneath towering trees and overlooking the lake, we doubt any future bathing experience will ever come close to comparing.

Find out more about Petit Eco Cabin here


Black Mountain, QLD


Solo escapes are a thing of luxury in themselves but add a copper outdoor bath to the mix, and well, this could just be the most stunning retreat for solo women in Queensland. Complete with a perfectly small kitchen and lounge area with a wood fire, plus paints, books and writing tools to help guest find their “quiet”, if you need to take some time out to just breathe, Atelier 34 holds the space to make it happen.

Find out more about Atelier 34 here

Bootmakers Cottage

Birregurra, VIC

Bootmaker’s Cottage : Birregurra

It’s likely you’ll be holidaying with family or friends at the historic three-bedroom Bootmakers Cottage in the foothills of the Otways Range, so you might have to pencil in your outdoor bath amongst the group fun. Coax everyone inside with a film on the movie projector and take yourself to the courtyard for a luxurious soak in the iron bathtub and a little bit of “me time”.

Find out more about Bootmakers Cottage here

Farmhouse on Oxley

Oxley Island, NSW

Farmhouse on Oxley
Farmhouse on Oxley

Who says you can’t travel in numbers and still spend some alone time? This beautifully decorated farmhouse is located on the mid north coast of NSW and will sleep 16 of your loved ones, with lots of room to move. Not only does the main bathroom have a gorgeous clawfoot bathtub for you to sink into, but the outside area also has a set of twin French vintage outdoor baths fit for a couple, champagne in tow. And if it’s just the two of you, the farmhouse also caters for couples with one wing of the house conveniently sectioned off so that you can still enjoy the sanctuary of this amazing Slow Stay.

Find out more about Farmhouse On Oxley here

Whale Song

Falmouth, TAS

Watch whales breach by moonlit skies while you submerge yourself in a gloriously warm bath at Whale Song on Tasmania’s east coast. The outdoor bath is set into the back deck, steps away from the fire pit, so you can spend your nights under the stars – muscles relaxed and mind far away from the stresses of your everyday world. In fact, you’ll do a lot of gazing out at the endless ocean landscape in this lovingly restored 1980s fisherman’s shack, fit with an open fire and huge windows to drink in the view.

Find out more about Whale Song here

Lost Retreats – Mount Jagged Retreat

Mount Jagged, NSW

Lost Retreats

Soak and sip overlooking 160 acres of vineyards and olive groves on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula at this custom built lakeside retreat. Not only can you drink organic house-made wine in the outdoor bath, you can also tap your twinkle toes away to an old school vinyl album and feel completely guilt free about your indulgence in the steamy waters – the property is run on solar and was built with sustainable principles in mind.

Mirumiru Bubbletent

Tenterfield, NSW

Mirumiru Bubbletent Outdoor Bath
Mirumiru Bubbletent

Is there anything more relaxing than a bath under the stars? The answer to this almost-rhetorical question can be pondered from the warm haze of a steamy bath under a glittering canopy of celestial wonders at Mirumiru Bubbletent. Both main tents at this sustainable glamping Slow Stay, Captain Thunderbolt and Captain Moonlite, include vintage outdoor baths on the deck the tents are set upon. Surrounded by the rolling granite landscape and the majestic beauty of Mount Mackenzie, a soak in a tub goes from self-care luxury to daily nature-based ritual in a heartbeat.

Find out more about mirumiru bubbletent here

Steam Carriage

Forrest, VIC

Drawn in by the locomotive theme and Golden Age charm of Steam Carriage, you’ll be delighted to discover your passion for both outdoor baths and trains can be sated at this escape to the country. Popular with mountain bikers flocking to former Victorian logging town Forrest, the surprisingly spacious conversion sleeps six comfortably, is pet friendly and oozes charm through every old-world feature. All aboard – next stop: bath-on-a-train town.

Find out more about Steam Carriage here

Honeysuckle Farm

Lauriston, VIC

Honeysuckle Farm | Slow Stays by Life Unhurried
Honeysuckle Farm | Slow Stays by Life Unhurried

As steam rises from the warm water of the vintage outdoor bath, contrasted against a backdrop of native scrub and red dirt, you might find yourself pondering the power of a good bathing encounter. And although a bath is not hard to come by in daily life, there’s something about the sum total of Honeysuckle Farm that elevates the simple act. The golden light, the romance of country life, the beautiful cottage (with an indoor bath too) – it’s like the backdrop of a still-life masterpiece where you’re the subject.

Find out more about Honeysuckle Farm here

Gracie Cottage

Mapleton, QLD

At Gracie Cottage float with fresh rose petals picked straight from the on-site flower farm as you wind down watching the sun set over the Obi Obi valley. Find Epsom salts bath side for your use, also infused with the property’s home-grown flora. Light the outdoor fire-pit which also doubles as a BBQ, and relax as your loved one cooks an evening meal next to you, in this vintage clawfoot beauty.

Find out more about Gracie Cottage here

Five Acres

Phillip Island, VIC

Five Acres Phillip Island
Five Acres Phillip Island

If you haven’t had the pleasure of bathing while Scottish Highland cows and a menagerie of farm animals roam in view, then get thee to Five Acres Phillip Island. Perched on the wood-lined deck in your custom-made stone bath – rolling countryside in front of you, the slick interiors of one of three cabins (Barley, Clover and Rye) behind – you’ll likely feel a little pinch-me thrill of joy over the simplicity of it all.

Find out more about Five Acres Phillip Island here

Salty Cabins – The Cabin

Yelgun, NSW

Salty Cabins – The Cabin

There are outdoor baths and then there’s the Salty Cabins – The Cabin outdoor bath. Sitting under a canopy of swaying gums – and at night, a blanket of Milky Way constellations – on a timber deck, the sunken bathtub will bring hours of rejuvenation. Sit and read with a gentle breeze and birdsong as your only company or sip a beverage as the day transmutes into pastel-hued dusk around you.    

Nook on the Hill

Halls Gap, Victoria

Plunge into serenity at Nook on the Hill, where every corner whispers of handcrafted devotion and connection to nature. Nestled at the foot of Gariwerd/Grampians National Park, this tranquil haven offers more than just a retreat; it’s an ode to sustainable living and meticulous craftsmanship. The real gem? An outdoor claw-foot bath that lets you soak under a canopy of stars, bridging the gap between luxury and nature’s embrace. Lose yourself in the Milky Way above and let the soulful energy of the land wash over you. This is more than just a bath; it’s an experience, a moment of pure stillness in a world that often forgets to pause.

Find out more about Nook on the Hill

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