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Imagine trading the familiar humdrum of timber and tile for a night encased in a sphere of clarity. The bubble tent is the antithesis of the ordinary; it’s your invitation to dance with the elements, suspended in a transparent embrace. This isn’t just any tent—it’s a bubble of wonder, a dome of dreams, beckoning those who yearn for adventure. It’s the kind that turns a simple getaway into an audacious act of liberation from the confines of traditional lodgings.


Let’s unpack this phenomenon, shall we?

The ‘bubble tent’ – it’s not just a trend, it’s a travel revolution, a transparent bubble of joy for those who want their escapades served with a side of starlight.

Staying in a Bubble: The Experience
Sleeping in a bubble tent is like having front-row tickets to the greatest show on Earth: the endless night sky, peppered with stars, planets, and the occasional wink of a satellite. It’s luxury in its barest form, raw and yet so refined, offering a way to connect with the wild from a haven of safety.

Under the Stars: Comfort Meets Cosmos
Forget what you know about camping. This is glamping redefined. Most Bubble Tent experiences provide plush bedding and the comforts of a boutique hotel, bubble tents promise a serene slumber under a canopy of constellations. Here, your night is lit by the Milky Way, and the morning sun greets you with the softest awakening.

The Where and The Wow
From vineyards in Mexico to the secluded white sands of Bali,  bubble tents are popping up in the world’s most breathtaking locales. They sit in splendid isolation, offering a solitude that’s both exhilarating and meditative. Each location is a carefully chosen theatre for an unforgettable spectacle of nature.

Are you ready to transcend the ordinary with a stay in a bubble tent? We’ve carefully selected a few of the most extraordinary bubble tent accommodations from around the world, each offering a unique opportunity to embrace both the simplicity of slow living and the indulgence of luxury beneath the cosmos.

Campera-Hotel-Burbuja Bubble Tent

Campera Hotel Burbuja Mexico

Nestled amidst the vineyards of Mexico’s renowned Valle de Guadalupe, elevates glamping to an art form with their avant-garde bubble tents. Originating from French design and constructed with premium materials, each bubble offers a luxurious queen-sized bed and exclusive amenities, crafting a sanctuary of comfort and intimacy perfect for couples. Guests can indulge in a constellation of services, from special celebrations to curated wine experiences, all under the expanse of a star-clad sky, making every stay an unforgettable encounter with nature’s grandeur.

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Bubble Hotel Bali Nyang Nyang

Tucked away on the secluded white sands of Nyang Nyang Beach in Bali, the offers a glamorous camping experience that merges eco-friendliness with luxury. Enclosed by lush jungle and the vast Indian Ocean, these bubble tents provide an immersive 360-degree view of the natural splendor, making it an idyllic retreat for romance and stargazing. Conscious of their environmental footprint, the property boasts eco-constructs like recycled plastic bottle tiles and sustainably sourced wooden furniture, ensuring a stay that’s as responsible as it is unforgettable.

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Greenland Bubble Glamping Greenland

Nestled where the lush Dominican countryside meets the serene beachfront, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and contemporary luxury. In this idyllic retreat, guests can slumber under a canopy of stars within one of seven heated bubbles, outfitted with king-size beds, bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi, and private barbecues. This innovative getaway invites both you and your pets to an immersive experience that fuses the charm of campsite living with the comforts of modern amenities, promising an exotic and memorable escape.

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Mirumiru Bubbletent

Mirumiru Bubbletent Australia

Amidst the granite grandeur of Mount Mackenzie, Mirumiru Bubbletent reimagines the camping experience, offering a luxurious escape that’s both off-grid and in harmony with nature. In Tenterfield, New South Wales, this retreat pairs the allure of the wild with the comforts of silk and cashmere, providing an intimate connection with the cosmos above through its transparent canopy. As Australia’s inaugural family-friendly bubble tent destination, Mirumiru caters to both adults and children, with a special tree-suspended tiny bubble tent for the young ones, promising adventure and a gentle immersion into the surrounding landscape.

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Krista Eppelstun

Life Unhurried co-founder, Krista Eppelstun, is a travel photographer and videographer, usually on the road creating content for the likes of Tourism and Events Queensland, Tourism Australia, Brisbane Airport and more. But her favourite place to be is at home, coffee in hand after a morning surf.

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