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If, like me, you were taken by a little book called Slow by Brooke McAlary a few years ago, you’ll know it’s a work you can return to time and time again, to seek clarity and guidance when you feel overwhelmed with ‘stuff’. 

After the success of Slow, last year, Brooke released a follow-up book, Care: The Radical Art of Taking Time. In her honest, informative, and heart-warming writing style, Brooke addresses the idea of ‘care’ in its various forms. She writes about the spectrum of care and what it means to care in small, accessible ways that will benefit ourselves, our families, and the wider community.

Central to the book is a concept Brooke describes as ‘Small Care’, made up of, well, small acts of care. She shares her realisation that when she started to concentrate on these ‘inconsequential actions‘ that these small acts were a ‘choice to care in a way that left me feeling uplifted, buoyed somehow and part of something larger than myself.’ It’s a concept that has really grabbed me and one I’m sure many others will resonate with, especially after our years of lockdowns and separation.

Breaking it down into chapters like Connection, Kindness, Awe, Nature, Making, Movement, Play, Rest, and Healing, Brooke introduces achievable ways to incorporate small acts of care into your days, based on the time you have available. For example, if you’d like to spend more time in nature and had half an hour spare,  you could ‘sit under a tree and read a book’. Half a day spare? Head out for a picnic!

Woven throughout the book are simple illustrations, poetry, and thought-provoking quotes. I particularly loved the accessibility of the ideas presented and the balance of storytelling, information and gentle yet practical guidance. Just like Slow, it is one of those books you can dip in and out of and return to for a dose of inspiration at any time.

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Care by Brooke McAlary | Life Unhurried Book Club review
Care by Brooke McAlary | Life Unhurried Book Club review
Tracie Hartley

Books, interiors and photography are like oxygen to Tracie Hartley. As a creative, she has curated an aesthetic entirely her own (follow her @traceharts). Obsessed with all things ‘slowing down’ and ‘simplifying’, we're grateful to have Tracie on our team. Tracie lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW with her husband, two young kids and border collie.

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