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When a property is listed in Slow Stays, guests know it’s shorthand for ‘this place is special’.

Here are some insights into what team LU look for when approving properties to be part of the Slow Stays family.

Slow & Sustainable

While ‘sustainability’ can often be a buzz-word in the industry, we believe that tourism needs to move towards a slower and more sustainable future. Additions like solar panels and water tanks are just the beginning to providing conscious accomodation that treads lightly on the planet. Here are a few ways in which hosts can create an experience that takes a step in the right direction.

  1. Reduce energy consumption: Encourage guests to turn off lights and electronics when not in use and consider installing low-energy light bulbs and appliances. Consider purchasing a solar setup, battery bank, or another green alternative to coal fuelled power.
  2. Reduce water consumption: Fix any leaks, install low-flow showerheads and faucets, and encourage guests to conserve water. Consider installing rain-water tanks to harvest your own supply.
  3. Use sustainable cleaning products: Look for cleaning products that are biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  4. Use eco-friendly amenities: Provide guests with reusable water bottles, towels, and linens to reduce waste. If you run off town water, consider installing a water filter or buy a filtering jug for your fridge which will save your guests from needing to purchase water in plastic bottles.
  5. Offset carbon emissions: Consider offsetting the carbon emissions from your Airbnb’s energy use through a carbon offset program.
  6. Encourage sustainable transportation: Encourage guests to use public transportation, walk, or bike during their stay.
  7. Support local businesses: Encourage guests to support local businesses and use locally-sourced products during their stay. Create a guidebook of the local area so guests can truly immerse themselves in their local surroundings.
  8. Use sustainable decor: Choose decor items made from recycled or sustainable materials.
  9. Recycle: Set up a recycling program for guests and properly dispose of waste.

By taking these steps, Airbnb hosts can significantly reduce their environmental impact and create a more sustainable business.

Great Photography

Professional photography is crucial for short term accommodation because it is often the first thing potential guests will see when browsing listings online. High-quality, well-lit, and properly composed photographs can showcase the best features of the property and create a positive first impression. They can help guests envision themselves staying at the property and make the listing stand out among others in the market. Additionally, good photography can help to attract more guests to book the property, increasing the chances of a successful rental.

If photography is what is lacking on your property listing, we suggest investing in engaging a professional photographer. Hiring a photographer may cost you between $2000-$5000 per shoot, but the difference a professional photo library can make to your business is ultimately priceless.

Another reason we suggest a professional photo shot is for media pitches. When you become a Life Unhurried member, we are busilly working in the background to pitch to media around Australia (think Escape, Qantas magazine, Australian Traveller etc.) to have your property showcased on the pages of their glossy publications. Trust us when we say, for the hundreds of submissions made to these editors each month, snaps on your IPhone just won’t cut it.

Great photography can play a significant role in the marketing and success of a property listing. It helps to showcase the property in the best light possible, attract more guests, and make the listing stand out among others in the market. Check with your photographer about social media packages also. Great videos and images designed for social media can lift your game in the saturated worlds of Instagram and Facebook.

As a Life Unhurried first class member, we can provide you with a professional photo & video package (incl. Instagram reels). Get in touch.

Beautiful Styling

A beautifully styled home doesn’t have to mean expensive designer couches and rare artworks. Many very successful rental properties have adorned their floors with decor purchased exclusively from op-shops and online platforms such as Marketplace and Gumtree.

If styling has you stumped, don’t despair. Here are some ways hosts can make their properties more appealing to guests:

  1. Less is more: Keep decor minimal and avoid clutter to create a clean and uncluttered look.
  2. Create interest: Use statement pieces of furniture or decor that are unusual. An antique armchair, an old ceramic vase. Things of beauty and interest don’t have to be expensive. Avoid using things that are personal or sentimental in case they get broken.
  3. Use a neutral colour palette: Use a neutral colour palette to create a cohesive look and a sense of calm in the space.
  4. Create backdrops: People love to take photos of themselves on holidays. Creating beautiful backdrops will encourage this, and your property will most likely end up, and be tagged on someone’s Intagram feed somewhere (hello free promo!)
  5. Avoid man made fibres: Use natural textiles where possible such as wool, cotton, and linen. These are generally more comfortable, wear better with age and are more environmentally friendly.
  6. Consider functionality: Does it serve a purpose? Choose minimal furniture and decor items that are both stylish and practical.
  7. Create a sense of flow: Use furniture and decor to create a sense of flow and movement throughout the space.
  8. Create a welcoming atmosphere: Make sure the property is clean and well-maintained, and decorate it in a way that makes it feel warm and inviting.

Do you need help?

If all of this sounds overwhelming and you think your property has more potential, we can help. The LU team have the combined experience to help you transform your property from blah to hurrah! Check out our First Class membership options, or contact us directly to discuss.

If you’ve done a re-style, completed a professional shoot or taken new steps to make your property more sustainable and would like to re-apply, click here.

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