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Go Lightly by Nina Karnikowski will help you travel without hurting the planet

When travel writer, Nina Karnikowski, found herself turning down an assignment for a 19-day private jet trip across South Africa, she knew something was terribly wrong.

It was the kind of adventure most would spend their whole lives dreaming about. Close encounters with the gorillas in Rwanda, exploring Ethiopia’s rock-cut churches and sipping and swilling through South Africa’s vineyards. But for Nina, it was the death knell on her career as she had known it and enjoyed it to date.

She’d changed. She realised the world she’d been crisscrossing for the past eight years as a freelance journalist was hurting – and in many ways, felt beyond repair.

This didn’t mean the end of travel. But an immersive education into how she and others could continue to support the communities who rely on tourism as their lifeline. She put all her energy into researching and testing out ways that we can all travel better, and Go Lightly is the culmination of that quest.

In this neatly-packaged tome, Nina brings her decades of experience as a traveller and journalist to help us Move Lightly, Dream Lightly, Stay Lightly, Pack Lightly and six more info-packed chapters, weaving in interviews with conscious travel heroes and her first-person experience of taking the long, slow train route instead of jumping on another cheap flight; combining travel with education; and continuing connections long after the physical journey has ended.

Through her helpful tips, this book will help you to move through the world in a more conscious, planet-friendly way, and alert you to some common pitfalls to watch out for along the way.

If you’ve been wondering how you can reduce the impact of your next camping adventure, road trip, or international holiday – or are looking for alternative ways to explore this wonderful world we call home – this book serves as part guidebook, part muse, and makes a worthy addition to any conscious traveller’s bookshelf.

Buy your copy of Go Lightly: How to travel without hurting the planet here.

And you can follow Nina on Instagram @travelswithnina

Go Lightly book review
Nina Karnikowski Go Lightly book review
Celeste Mitchell

Travel journalist and Life Unhurried co-founder, Celeste Mitchell, has managed to fuse her love of travel and telling stories for 20 years, and is regularly published in Escape, Travel + Luxury, and Australian Traveller, among others. While once she would have easily flitted across the globe several times in a month, these days she favours a much slower pace of exploration (having two kids under three will do that to you, too).

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