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Interior stylist and journalist Natalie Walton, takes readers on a purposeful journey in Home by the Sea, through coastal and hinterland homes of the Byron Bay region, showcasing their unique designs and how they mirror their owners’ bond with the area. This beautiful coffee table book not only features stunning interiors but also delves into the region’s history and culture.

Walton’s acknowledgement of the traditional owners of the country, the Arakwal people of the Bundjalung Nation, establishes the book’s tone. Her heartfelt introduction and author’s note offer readers a profound insight into the community and natural beauty of the Byron region. She also shares an honest monologue about the area’s tragic events, emphasising the need for greater awareness and appreciation of its history and culture.

As readers explore eighteen homes belonging to interior and fashion designers, artists, makers, and others, they unravel the stories behind these homes and the people who live in them. This book’s pages are not merely about structures but also about what’s inside them, such as objects, collections, and the energy of life and art that transpires between the walls.

We encounter individuals who have moved from the city to experience a sea change, as well as born and bred locals such as Martin Johnston, who spent his childhood fishing and surfing in Brunswick Heads and embraced the region’s popularity and the large influx of people over the past decade. We also learn about several local artists, including a ceramicist, a cabinet maker, a local indigenous artist, and a herbalist.

The light-filled interior and lifestyle photography by Amelia Fullarton captures the essence of each home and its surroundings with breathtaking clarity.

Overall, “Home by the Sea” provides a distinctive and unforgettable glimpse into what it’s like to live in this iconic town, created by locals, including best-selling author Natalie Walton. It honours the beauty and power of community and how it can enrich our lives both artistically and spiritually.

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Images by @traceharts
Natalie Walton - Home by the Sea
Natalie Walton - Home by the Sea
Katie Gannon

Life Unhurried co-founder, Katie Gannon, has long sung from a sustainable song sheet having created and run her own successful indie fashion label, Mother Maria, before transitioning to graphic and web design. She now puts her stamp on tourism content and sustainability campaigns for clients such as City of Sydney (when she's not walking her two dachshunds, Ruby and Rafa).

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