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Is your property… special? soulful? stylish? sustainable? a luxe escape? a rustic retreat? a remote getaway? a lush hideout? a bucolic bolthole? a total must-stay?

Apply now to join Slow Stays — the official edit of the
world’s best slow & sustainable accommodation.


Become a Slow Stays Host

Apply now to join Slow Stays — the official edit of the
world’s best slow & sustainable accommodation.

Slow Stays is a tightly curated travel directory that showcases the crème de la crème of slow & sustainable holiday rentals.

We feature everything from tiny houses to glamping tents,
woodland cabins to luxury wilderness escapes.

Though the types of accommodation vary, they’re all stylish,
beautiful and intentional in every way.

Even more importantly, they’re all united by the same underlying ethos — sustainability, soulfulness, and slow-living.

If your property is listed in Slow Stays, guests know it’s shorthand for
‘this place is special’.

That’s because we only accept properties that meet our rigorous selection criteria.

So instead of wasting hours on the major booking sites, guests know they can come to Slow Stays and find accommodation that’s guaranteed to be unique, beautiful and soulful, while also treading lightly on the planet.

Of course, it’s not just guests who love Slow Stays

Hosts love us too.

They love that we get them more — and better — bookings, by getting their property seen by the exact kind of guests who will appreciate it most.

They love that we save them time by taking ‘marketing’ and ‘social media’ off their to-do list.

Oh yeah, and they also don’t mind that we don’t charge commission!

Apply now to become a member of
Slow Stays
by Life Unhurried

Be featured alongside the world’s best slow & sustainable holiday rentals

Get noticed by the exact kind of guests you want

Build your property’s profile (without lifting a finger)

And get more bookings
…with zero commissions

More than just a directory

When you join Slow Stays, you get —

>> A done-for-you listing, crafted by experts

Our team of experienced travel experts take all the most enticing elements of your property and craft them into a compelling story that helps would-be guests connect with your listing in a meaningful way.

(This means that when readers click through to your website, they’re already primed to book with you. Heck, they’re already imagining themselves kicking back on your deck with a glass of rosé…!)

>> Regular promotion to our highly engaged audience

We get your property seen by people in the places where they’re hungry for travel inspo — on Instagram, in their inbox, and when they’re trawling our blog.

>> Exceptional exposure & potential media attention

We regularly get our members’ properties featured in the media.

So when you join Slow Stays, you too will have the chance to be included in media pitches for potential mass-market editorial promotion. (We’ll even give you tips on how to increase your chances of getting featured.)

>> High quality traffic to your chosen site or platform

We’ve sent more than 44,000 high quality leads to our members in the past year alone. (Some of our most popular properties received over 1700 click-throughs to their websites!)*

YOU choose where you want us to send this traffic — to your Airbnb page, your direct website, wherever you like. We’ll even send you a monthly report, so you know exactly how many leads we’re sending your way.

>> Zero commission

Because we’re a directory (not a booking site), we don’t charge commission for referrals, just a simple annual membership fee (with monthly payment option). So any extra revenue goes directly in your pocket. #winning

*As at April 2022

In good company.

Get your property featured alongside:

“Slow Stays is a consistent driver of bookings & an essential component of our marketing.

Working with the Slow Stays team has been such a positive and valuable experience for Larnook in so many ways. Their combined knowledge and experience in travel and media, together with their highly professional and targeted marketing to a client base that is the perfect fit for our luxury off-grid accommodation in the Yarra Ranges. Our listing with Slow Stays is a constant driver of interest and bookings with a consistently high level of referrals and leads to our website.

“This combined with the additional exposure we receive via Life Unhurried social media, website promotions and other PR makes Life Unhurried an essential and rewarding component of our marketing schedule.”

~ Paul Rowse, Larnook
Properties in Slow Stays get noticed:
Here’s What’s Included

Properties that meet our selection criteria enjoy:

  • A personally crafted listing in the Slow Stays directory, overseen by our expert travel writer – no copy-paste from Airbnb, here!
  • Promotion on our social media channels
  • Inclusion in media pitches for potential mass-market editorial promotion
  • You choose where your booking link is directed (i.e. your website, Airbnb page, etc)
  • Member-only emails with industry tips and support (so that you can knock the Patagonia socks off your ideal guests, get advice about what’s working now, and increase your chance of strong reviews and repeat bookings)
  • No commissions or referral fees, ever
Our Economy membership is for you if:
  • You’ve put blood, sweat and tears into your property to create something unique
  • You want the prestige that comes with being part of the Slow Stays community (even if you’re heavily booked!)
  • You have a limited budget but want to increase bookings
Or, upgrade to Business and you’ll receive:

Everything in the Economy package (valued at $550), PLUS —

  • Guaranteed 6 x grid posts on our highly engaged Instagram account, plus appearances in our Instagram Stories (so your property is being seen by THOUSANDS of passionate travellers on Instagram) (Value: $900)
  • Highlight of your property on the Life Unhurried homepage
  • Guaranteed inclusion in a ‘round-up’ post on the Life Unhurried blog (Value: $400)
  • 2 x guaranteed inclusions in our monthly newsletter — including an announcement post when you first join Slow Stays (to kickstart those extra eyeballs on your listing) (Value: $1000)
  • Promote your ‘special deals’ or last minute availability in our monthly newsletter (the perfect way to fill any gaps in your calendar and increase direct bookings)
  • Monthly traffic report, so you can measure your ROI and see *exactly* how many ready-to-book travellers are viewing your listing

This is for you if:

  • You see your property as ‘not just another Airbnb’, but a legitimate short-stays business
  • You don’t want your property’s success to be at the mercy of algorithms, or beholden to a single platform
  • You understand how powerful holistic marketing is, and would love for a team of industry experts to swoop in and market your property in an authentic, thoughtful way
  • You’re already putting time and energy into your property, and you want it to pay off
Or, go to the top with our First Class Membership

The most sought-after short-stay holiday rentals — the ones that are booked out 12 months in advance, that are featured on the pages of glossy magazines, and that are coveted by travellers — don’t achieve that success by accident.

It takes strategy — and we’ve packaged that up for you in one premium, personalised membership option that brings 30+ years of travel, tourism, media and marketing experience to YOUR property.

This is a shortcut to the next level – to a unique, conscious holiday rental that’s as loved as it is lucrative, and that becomes a destination in its own right.

In short, it’s a highly tailored option to take you from wherever you are right now, to where you want to be.

You’ll receive over $15k worth of value:

  • Everything from the previous two packages (valued at $2850), PLUS –
  • Professional Photo & Video Package (incl. Reels) — strategically planned to capture the essence of your property, optimise your bookings, stand out on socials, and maximise your chances of featuring in mainstream media publications. (60-second professionally shot video, 2 x social ‘Reels’ + minimum 30 hi res + web res edited photos) (Value: $5100 – travel costs may be extra)
  • Premium Listing in the Slow Stays directory (for up to 3 of your properties!) — more space, more photos, more storytelling, because your Slow Stay is an experience that starts with this first impression. If you have multiple accommodation styles on your property or multiple Slow Stays locations, this is for you. (See the power of a premium listing here.) (Value: $997-$2991)
  • 60-min Strategy Session with the LU team, where we map out your holistic marketing strategy, and create a tailored plan for growing your property’s profile (Value: $1,000)
  • Your Holistic Marketing Roadmap a personalised PDF, setting out the strategy we developed with you on your call, so you know exactly what we’re doing on your behalf, and you know exactly what *your* next steps are too. (Value: $497)
  • Listing Appraisal (PDF Report) — Get expert feedback on what’s working really well on your Airbnb listing (or your platform of choice) and your socials (if you’ve got them), what can be improved, and get concrete advice on how to strengthen them. (Value: $397)
  • Expertly crafted travel story, written by an experienced travel writer, published on the Slow Stays blog (see an example here) (Value: $1500)
  • 12 expertly crafted social posts for your own accounts to go along with your gorgeous new photos — designed to tell your property’s story and for maximum sharing! (Value: $1020)
  • Guaranteed 6 x standalone social media posts on our account (Value: $900)
  • Year-round PR support + guaranteed inclusion in at least 2 mass market media pitches (The potential value of this exposure? Priceless!)

This is for you if:

  • You’ve put serious money into the set-up of your Slow Stay and want to see a return
  • Your plan is for your property to become a reliable source of income that frees you up to live a lifestyle you love… and you want expert help making that happen
  • You know that investing now in getting your marketing and positioning right, and in growing your profile, will pay off in spades down the road.
  • You have more than one property, or plan on launching more
  • You love the idea of having a dream team of creative professionals by your side, working on your behalf and invested in your success
  • You want things done right from the get-go, and you’re happy to pay a premium for expertise, experience, and high-quality results.
  • Listing
  • Social media promotion
  • Inclusion in media pitches
  • Member-only emails
for 12 months
Or pay up front and get two months free
  • Listing
  • Social media promotion
  • Inclusion in media pitches
  • Member-only emails
  • Homepage highlight
  • Blog post inclusions
  • Feature in monthly email newsletters
  • Monthly traffic report
for 12 months
Or pay up front and get two months free
  • Professional Photo & Video Package (incl. Reels)
  • Premium Listing/s in the Slow Stays directory
  • 60-min Strategy Session
  • Your Holistic Marketing Roadmap
  • Listing Appraisal
  • Expertly crafted travel story
  • 12 expertly crafted social posts
  • Guaranteed 6 x standalone social media posts
  • Year-round PR support
  • Guaranteed inclusion in at least 2 mass market media pitches
  • Member-only emails
  • Homepage highlight
  • Blog post inclusions
  • Feature in fortnightly email newsletters
  • Monthly traffic report
X 4 monthly payments
Or one payment of $7497 (save $491)

Prices are in AUD and include GST. Memberships automatically renew after 12 months. Transparency is important to us, so we’ll always send you an email a week before your membership renewal. You can cancel your membership anytime up to 48 hours before your renewal date. First Class membership auto-renews as Business membership. *Minimum 12-month commitment.


What criteria do I need to meet to join the Slow Stays directory?

To be a Slow Stay, your property must meet a range of criteria, including a percentage of the following:

To be a Slow Stay, your property must meet a range of criteria, including a percentage of the following:


  • Off-grid (solar/water)
  • Small-scale
  • Low impact (waste management, compost)
  • Supports the local community
  • Embraces green design
  • Utilises reclaimed materials
  • Secondhand decor
  • Chemical-free
  • Regenerative practices
  • Gives back


  • Unique accommodation
  • Remote/regional location
  • A place where you can disconnect
  • Focus on self-care
  • Immersion in nature
  • Boutique
  • Owner operated

If that sounds like your property, we encourage you to apply now.

What kind of travellers use Slow Stays?

Our audience is predominantly female, Australian, and aged 25-54.

They’re seeking a memorable getaway, not a bargain.

They value sustainability as much as style.

They’re eco-minded, conscious, and they appreciate the small touches.

And most importantly of all, they’re ready to book a holiday now — in other words, they’re the ideal guests for hosts who provide thoughtful, sustainably-minded accommodation 🙂

Do guests book directly through Slow Stays?

No, Slow Stays is a directory, not a booking site — we drive traffic to your chosen platform, whether that’s AirBNB, your own website, or any other booking site.

Do you charge a commission for bookings?

No. We charge a flat membership fee.

For less than the price of a takeaway each month, we drive highly qualified leads to your chosen website so that guests can book directly through you.

Most hosts make their membership fee back in their very first referral from us — making Slow Stays a membership that truly pays for itself (in fact, many times over).

What sort of exposure have you got for your members?

We’ve secured features for our members in major publications like Escape, BBC Travel, Australian Traveller, Home Beautiful, Broadsheet, Peppermint Magazine and more. We’ve even featured members in our book, Life Unhurried (coming September 2022).

I have a question!

Great! We’d love to hear from you. Shoot us an email at — hello (at) lifeunhurried (dot) com

Meet the team

We’re three friends — all in the travel and tourism industry, all passionate about sustainability, and all convinced that there has to be a better way…


What if travel and ‘treading lightly’ didn’t need to be mutually exclusive?

That’s the question we kept asking ourselves.

And as three friends all working in the industry, we decided to do something about it…

Celeste Mitchell is a travel journalist, who has managed to fuse her love of travel and telling stories for 20 years, and is regularly published in Escape, Australian Traveller and Qantas magazine, among others. 

Krista Eppelstun is an in-demand travel photographer and videographer, usually on the road creating content for the likes of Tourism Australia, Tourism and Events Queensland, and Brisbane Airport.

Katie Gannon has worked in web and graphic design for corporate, tourism and government sustainability projects for over 20 years, while also running an eco indie fashion label earlier in her career.

Together, we created our lifestyle brand, Life Unhurried, followed by our world-first directory, Slow Stays — we’ve even written a book together! 

In a (locally grown) nutshell, we’re passionate about travel, we’re devoted to slow living…

… and we’re so glad and grateful that you’re here.

Here’s what our members have to say…
“Our experience with Slow Stays has been incredible.”

“Our listings all receive regular enquiries from the site. The regular communication with their audience ensures engaged promotions of available dates and special offers are seen and bookings are realised. It is a joy to be part of.

~ Ingrid Daniel, Whale Song, Sea Joy and Moonbird Beach Shack

“We couldn’t have got our property up and running without you.”

“Our experience working with the girls from Slow Stays has been awesome. We couldn’t have got Secret Cabin Society up and running without them. Their experience and expertise in the industry has helped us so much — from a YouTube clip, coming no. 17 out of the Top 100 stays in Australian Traveller magazine, to increased followers and bookings from the Slow Stays platform.

Last but not least, they’re so easy and wonderful to work with. Always full of positive, happy energy and encouragement. We feel so honoured to be part of this wonderful Slow Stays community.”

~ Cathy Fitzgerald, Secret Cabin Society

“We are proud and humbled to be in Slow Stays.”

“Having Kestrel Nest EcoHut listed in Slow Stays… means being among like company. It is a curated list of beautiful places that in different ways contribute to a better get-away experience. We are proud and also humbled to be in this stable. It is now more important than ever to be offering authentic eco-experiences that work to address climate change and the extinction crisis. It is going to become THE social licence to trade.

“Our experience working with the Slow Stays team has been seamless, friendly, and collegiate. We feel like we are working to like ends – so important in the otherwise undifferentiated market of short stay accommodation.”

~ Louise Freckelton, Kestrel Nest EcoHut

Stop being a hidden gem.
Start being seen, sought after
and booked out by your ideal guests.

We can’t wait to connect with you and learn more about your property.

With love,
Krista, Katie and Celeste
Team LU x

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