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When Jessica Mullins and Bijmin Swart set off on an epic 3000km horseback adventure through the heart of New Zealand, they weren’t expecting the world to go into lockdown. The couple – horse riding guides who met while working in The Man From Snowy River country in Australia – started their ‘Rewild Project‘ by breaking in three Kaimanawa stallions before setting off into the wilds of New Zealand’s South Island in October 2019.
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From afar, it seems the world really is Nina Karnikowski‘s oyster. A travel writer for some of Australia’s largest media titles and , she’s collected stamps in her passport from over 60 countries, transporting readers to India, Africa, Antarctica and beyond. On the eve of her first book launch – Make a Living Living (Laurence King Publishing) fellow travel writer Celeste Mitchell visits Nina at home in the Byron Hinterland to chat about not only her overseas adventures, but how she’s been able to carve out her own Life Unhurried – helping to bring inspiration to those who want to walk their own paths, and live more sustainably.
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The rise and rise of glamping in recent years has proven that even the biggest of camping haters want to immerse themselves in open spaces that rejuvenate and invigorate. Which is why constructing The Camp proved to be a great idea for David Wilkinson and Teagan Marshall. With a tiny budget and the determination to create accommodation with a small footprint, we talk to the inspiring couple about how they overcame extreme life challenges and gracefully got on with their dreams. Read the story here.

Sitting in a shipping container on the edge of a cliff with a bulletproof glass floor might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when Dave and Mani Penman conjured up Clifftop at Hepburn, they didn’t intend it to be a stock-standard hotel. Read the story here.

Relocating from the Bondi hustle around 5 years ago, James and Stella Hudson found the perfect location for their industrial pavilion meets Joshua Tree style luxury accommodation, Blackbird. Read the story here.

When the going gets tough, the tough brush aside the misfortune and create something new. In the case of Faraway Domes, graziers Jaime and Belinda Munsie and their family have poured their heart and souls into creating a magical escape. Read the story here.

Moored permanently in a small harbour at Murray Bridge in the Adelaide Hills, The Cube Murray River takes everything you think you know about shipping container conversions and tiny homes and floats it – underneath the dappled light of the willows that drape themselves over the river bank. Read the story here.

What are the realities of #vanlife and how easy is it just to walk away from commitments? We talk to artist and mum of two, Karina Sharpe, who just embarked on that very journey – for four months,  with family in tow – around Australia. Read the story here.

We catch up with Jess Abraham of clothing label Tasi Travels to chat about her vision of sustainability while building her unique business. In this episode we look at what is involved in producing eco-conscious clothing as well as how we can adapt these principles into our own pursuit for a slower, more gentle way of life.  Read our story on Tasi Travels here.

Listen to our behind-the-scenes chat with Steve and Jaide from Nightfall to get a feel for what makes this glamping experience so special. Sustainability is at the heart of Nightfall and in this episode you’ll hear more about the ingenious ways Steve and Jaide work with nature to reduce waste and power the custom tents. Find out about their native resident wildlife and don’t miss their secret morning ritual, which helps them to moments of calm while running a busy business designed to be a sanctuary for their guests to escape to. Slow down. And reconnect. Watch the video and read our story on Nightfall here.

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