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In the spirit of slow living, I read Practising Simplicity over a series of weeks. As I made my way through the pages, it occurred to me that dipping into this book during rare pockets of stillness in the house was the perfect way to appreciate what can only be described as a gift from writer and photographer, Jodi Wilson.

I recently listened to a conversation between Brooke McAlary and Jodi Wilson on the Slow Home podcast, during which, Brooke described the imagery in Jodi’s book as ‘slow living in photograph form’. I wholeheartedly agree with this description and actually found myself feeling calm and at ease as I read Jodi’s story, which was perfectly complemented by her photography. 

In essence, the book is an articulate reflection on an 18-month family caravan adventure and the moments of joy and clarity found within (including a stay at the very special Bruny Boathouse). But Practising Simplicity is also an invitation for the reader to consider the small things they can do to live a less complex, more contented life.

“There is nothing simpler than our habits and rituals but that is precisely why they matter,” Jodi says. “They strip away the superfluous, bring us into the moment, and encourage us to find the purpose, joy and contentment that exists in our ordinary lives.”

This book may change your understanding of what it means to live simply. Jodi writes of her long, personal exploration of the concept and says, “I knew simplicity was not something I could achieve or perfect; I didn’t want to strive for it or add it to my to-do list”. Significantly, Jodi writes about the ways in which practising simplicity has helped her to achieve a sense of meaning, grounding and direction.

I loved this book and I’m still flicking through the pages, just to sit with the peaceful imagery. A perfect read for those seeking some comfort and solace from overwhelm, even if you can only dip in and out as time permits.

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Practising Simplicity by Jodi Wilson book review | Life Unhurried
Practising Simplicity by Jodi Wilson book review | Life Unhurried
Tracie Hartley

Books, interiors and photography are like oxygen to Tracie Hartley. As a creative, she has curated an aesthetic entirely her own (follow her @traceharts). Obsessed with all things ‘slowing down’ and ‘simplifying’, we're grateful to have Tracie on our team. Tracie lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW with her husband, two young kids and border collie.

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