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5 Romantic Getaways Near Melbourne for A Slow and Soul-Filled Escape

Modern love is a tale of multitasking: trying to juggle endless responsibilities while still eking out some meagre time for a romantic getaway or two.

Which is why finding one that doesn’t require a flight or a week off work is like winning the love lottery. Thankfully when it comes to affairs of the heart, the loved-up landscapes near Melbourne set the scene perfectly – all within driving distance.

Gazing at sunsets together, taking endless baths and sharing wine around a crackling fireplace are just the ticket to making sure that lovin’ feelin’ lasts well beyond the meet-cute montage moment.

From misty rainforests to windswept coastlines and wide open valleys, these adults-only Slow Stays are the perfect match for couples who want to take the slow road hand in hand.


South Gipsland, VIC

Liptrap Loft Victoria
Liptrap Loft | Slow Stays by Life Unhurried

Do you like your romantic getaway with a hefty side of rustic charm and rugged nature? Then steer your love-seeking wheels towards Liptrap Loft in South Gippsland. Like the best, most-comfortable shed you’ve ever been in, this beautiful spot is only two hours south of Melbourne yet feels a world away. Hand-built from recycled and reclaimed materials, Liptrap pulls you back to nature, surrounded by a fragrant eucalypt grove and Gippsland beaches only a short distance away. Almost nothing can interrupt the solitude – not even the idea of neighbours exists here – except a cute and colourful cast of native animals that visit daily.



Menzies Creek, VIC

As far as mood setters, mist and romance is the holiest of unions… And Cloud View Garden has both by the loved-up bucket load. Set on a cliffside in the Dandenong Ranges, surrounded by cascading ferns and the sweet trill of birdsong, the luxury here comes second only to the awe-inspiring view from each of these suites. Wherever you are – the freestanding bath, the king bed or the lush garden – it will grab you by the heartstrings and make you stop, breath caught, a reminder to be in the moment together. Owners Mark and Leenah excel in making crazy romantic gestures to life so lean on their beautiful organic meals, curated wine cellar and romantic hearts to create the perfect stay.


Point Lonsdale, VIC

If the words ‘bath for two’ aren’t enough to woo you, then perhaps Lon Retreat’s stunning spa – with treatments for couples available – and in-room fine dining will do the job. And if you need another sign that the historic Slow Stay, on a working farm in Point Lonsdale, is the escape you need to dial up the romance, then how about the views? Or the decor? Or the picnics in fields and wild rambles with your amore? Literally take your pick of reasons (and suites, and then from the Food Forest, for that matter) before settling into luxurious coastal bliss.



Phillip Island, VIC

Five Acres Phillip Island
Five Acres Phillip Island
Five Acres Phillip Island

Lovers of design and lovers alike will fall hard at sustainable getaway Five Acres, where the sleek and minimal interiors are perfectly counterweighted by the moody, windswept Phillip Island scenery out the door. All the romantic getaway accouterments are here – outdoor bath, cosy fireplace, linen swathed bed – but it’s the landscape that’s the true star. Set on a sustainable micro-farm, each of the three pavilions is built to honour the beauty of the wild island – all the while giving you time to calm your hearts and minds.



Kallista, VIC


Although the idea of complete isolation has had a rather unfortunate rebrand recently, there’s still a somewhat romantic appeal to being just two people out in nature, with nothing but each other and the elements to rely on. Luckily, at Larnook, you can have off-grid seclusion only one hour away from the bustling streets of Melbourne. Set on a 160-acre flower farm, frolic in flower and gumtree-filled meadows, before watching sunsets over Port Phillip Bay in the distance and imagining, for just a little while, that you’re the only two humans in the world.

Desta Cullen

Desta Cullen is a writer and editor who crafts stories of food, culture and travel with a particular love of sustainability, slow fashion, creativity and conscious lifestyles. When she's not working, she spends her time digging in op-shops for pre-loved treasures, attempting to garden and turn the family home into a bright, art-filled junglescape.

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