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Outdoor Bathtub

Discover our curated collection of accommodations, each boasting a uniquely serene outdoor bathtub. Set against the stunning backdrops of spectacular landscapes, these properties all offer an escape where privacy and comfort meet the beauty of nature. Ideal for romantic getaways, peaceful solo adventures, or unforgettable family holidays, our carefully selected accommodations promise an unparalleled experience with the charm of an outdoor bathtub.


Cedar Cottage Meander


Mirumiru Bubbletent


Crane Lodge

Petit Eco Cabin

Friday Hut Hinterland Cabin

Steam Carriage

Into the Woods

Dales Run

Hillview Dairy

Bootmakers Cottage

Rosalita’s Rest – Wildheart Dreamer

Blue Ridge Estate

The Inverloch Glamping Co

Lost Retreats – Mt Jagged Retreat


Wander on Kangaroo Island

Bina Maya Yallingup Escape

Five Acres

Nook on the Hill

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