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Still: The Slow Home by Natalie Walton is like a big hug for your living spaces

In recent times, we’ve all been spending more time at home than we perhaps ever thought we would and indeed, the importance of feeling nurtured in our living spaces has been amplified.

Last year, I shared a book by interior stylist and author, Natalie Walton, This is Home, which focused on simple living and creating living spaces that bring joy and comfort. Now, Natalie has published a new book which builds on the central tenet of simple living.

Still: The Slow Home explores the slow philosophy through a series of 20 stories about people from all over the world who have chosen to simplify and slow down their lives in different ways.  Having developed a keen interest in Natalie’s work and simple living philosophy (in particular, her emphasis on styling your home with what you already own) over the last couple of years, I was very keen to get my hands on this book. 

Not surprisingly, the imagery found within its pages is reflective of Natalie’s finely-tuned creative eye, showcasing beautiful homes with calm and simple interiors. But in telling a deeper story, Natalie delves into varied perspectives about what it means to ‘embrace slow’. Through a series of sentence starters, such as “I have learnt to live without….” and “Sustainable living means ….”, she prompts her interviewees to offer their take on slow and simple living.

Natalie believes, “There is no one way, but many paths that are leading to more awareness and a greater conversation”. I love learning about the different ways people have implemented small, positive changes in an effort to simplify their lives, from decluttering and letting go of things to regular morning walks and shopping locally. 

Still: The Slow Home is an all-round beautiful publication and if you happen to fall in love with Natalie’s work like I have, you may be interested in her new podcast, Imprint which covers topics relating to creative journeys, connecting with your purpose and creating calm at home – and don’t we all crave this?

Buy your copy of Still: The Slow Home here

Still The Slow Home book review
Still The Slow Home book review
Tracie Hartley

Books, interiors and photography are like oxygen to Tracie Hartley. As a creative, she has curated an aesthetic entirely her own (follow her @traceharts). Obsessed with all things ‘slowing down’ and ‘simplifying’, we're grateful to have Tracie on our team. Tracie lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW with her husband, two young kids and border collie.

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