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Style by Natalie Walton Will Inspire Your Inner Designer

Enthusiasts of design, architecture or interior magazines, will likely have come across the work of Natalie Walton in some shape or form.

Whether it be from her editing days at Real Living, her past coffee table books, her online emporium, Imprint House, or her podcast, this is one woman who can be trusted to dish out sage advice when it comes to creating a home you love.

Whilst her two previous titles, This Is Home and Still: The Slow Home, both have prime positions on my living room shelves, there’s no feeling like the anticipation of a new book arriving, especially when you’ve got such high hopes.

Thankfully, I’m happy to say, Natalie’s latest book, Style: The Art of Creating A Beautiful Home has delivered.

From the first touch, with its woven hardcover exterior, I knew this was going to be another timeless tomb of knowledge and interiors inspiration.

Leading with a distinction between designing and styling, Natalie invites readers to throw away what they think they ought to do and instead work with what they have to create spaces that speak to them. This was instantly captivating, bringing me back to the reality of my home, the boundaries I cannot change without big spend — i.e. windows, natural light, flooring etc — and the potential of the art, furnishings and homewares that I already own.

Through each chapter, tips and tricks are shared — from pin-pointing your style (or styles) and elevating individual rooms to the art of curating a perfectly imperfect bookshelf, coffee table or gallery wall. It’s all in here and Natalie’s simple, direct writing makes it all seem rather achievable.

Perhaps my favourite parts of the book, in addition to the emotive interior photography, were the essay-like insights offered at the close of each chapter. These long-form pieces felt like little whispers of gentle guidance and inspiration, kicking me into gear and making the journey of unleashing my styling mojo a whole lot less daunting. (Side note: If you’re a creative, do yourself a favour and read The Creative Process. Oooph, it’ll hit home!)

While I could go on about all the things I plan to put into practice (and there’s a lot), I want to share my two biggest take aways from this beautiful page-turner.

Firstly, a reminder that if you want something to change, you need to do the work. Point taken.

And secondly, to start where you are. It’s so easy to get caught up in the what ifs and maybe I coulds and maybe I shoulds… but where you are, is where you are meant to be.

So, I’ll leave you with some of Natalie’s words, because I can’t say it any better. And hope that whether you’re thinking of re-styling, re-jigging or re-designing your home, that this snippet brings you back to your reality and what is within your reach.


“The best time to start is right now.
The best tools to use are the ones available to you.
The best space to create is the one you have.”

Buy your copy of Style here.

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Style by Natalie Walton book review
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Claire Plush

Claire Plush is a writer and photographer who has been documenting tales about food, travel, creatives and interiors, here and abroad, for over 10 years. These days, when she’s not hunting for vintage furniture or debating where to travel next with her little family, she’s attempting to make a thoughtfully-curated home out of a little yellow rundown beach shack.

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