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The Originals Will Have You Falling Even Deeper In Love With Beach Houses

I will be honest, it was Little Black Shack that caught my attention on my first flick-through and swayed me to explore The Originals further. If you’ve not seen the photos of this magical little place, do go and have a look, you won’t be disappointed!

It’s one of seven beautiful and unique beach houses hand-selected by Deborah Bibby, who was editor-in-chief of Real Living magazine for 11 years. The Originals is a beautifully presented book inspired by Deborah’s, “love, respect and mindfulness for the quintessential beach house”.

Living on the coast myself, I have a special interest in the coastal lifestyle and observing the way that ‘coastal’ style manifests. It’s this individual interpretation of the traditional beach house that shines through in The Originals. Featuring one-of-a-kind beach shacks and story-filled cottages, renovated with care – as well as a ‘much-loved bush bungalow’ – the book is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty and simplicity of these ocean-side abodes.

I particularly loved the light-filled ocean imagery that punctuated the stories within the book. And an added bonus is the handy resources section, which includes supplier information and tips from the homeowners of the beach houses featured.

The words that come to mind as I browse through the pages are: nostalgic, authentic, unique, lived-in and simple. The Originals really captures the spirit and essence of simple, coastal living. It’s a beauty.

Buy your copy of The Originals here.

The Originals Beach Houses to Fall in Love With
The Originals Beach Houses to Fall in Love With
The Originals Beach Houses to Fall in Love With
Tracie Hartley

Books, interiors and photography are like oxygen to Tracie Hartley. As a creative, she has curated an aesthetic entirely her own (follow her @traceharts). Obsessed with all things ‘slowing down’ and ‘simplifying’, we're grateful to have Tracie on our team. Tracie lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW with her husband, two young kids and border collie.

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